Volunteer for NCDF

Become a Volunteer for NCDF

Due to the exciting changes in format of the 2017-2018 NCDF season we are looking for volunteers to help the show run smoothly! Volunteering for NCDF will allow you to become an essential part of not only your city’s dance community, but the dance community of North Carolina as a whole! An ideal volunteer will be reliable and prompt, community-minded, and passionate about sharing dance! Volunteers are needed for shows in Durham, Asheville, and Greensboro.

For every 3 hours you volunteer with us, you will receive one complimentary performance ticket. For 8 hours or more, a complimentary Dance Project t-shirt! Click the purple button to sign up now!

Positions available in the following areas:


Committed individuals who can distribute NCDF posters and flyers, pursue ad sales, communicate with local press agencies, or promote the event through social media! Approximately 1-5 hours. 


Be an integral part of the NCDF performance by volunteering to work the box office or front of house, to be an usher, or to take on the responsibilities of being a part of the tech crew! Approximately 2-10 hours. 


A local individual who is able to scope out the details of the space as well as serve as a contact for venue and NCDF ticketing questions! Approximately 2-5 hours. 


Welcoming individuals who are able to provide refreshments for NCDF artists and dancers, host a reception to celebrate a great performance, or provide lodging for out-of-town artists! Approximately 2-10 hours

Program Evaluation

An individual who is interested in doing post-performance research to identify the number of attendees and the demographic breakdown of the audience. Approximately 1-2 hours. 

For questions please contact Anne Morris