Experience the energy and talent of professional dance artists from across NC with the 27th Season of the NC Dance Festival. The Festival aims to support the creation of new choreography and the presentation of high-quality repertory, build and strengthen relationships between dance artists within the state, and provide access to and education about modern and contemporary dance to audiences and students. This year, the Festival will perform in Durham, Asheville, and Greensboro. The NC Dance Festival returns to Greensboro for two separate performances on November 9 and November 11, 2017. Witty, dark, playful, and experimental, the concert presents a wide variety of NC dance.Read More →

By Byron Woods In its first ever self-produced showcase in Durham, the NC Dance Festival took several legitimate steps toward embracing a growing community of independent, professional dance artists from across the state, a population it hasn’t always known what to do with. But with only sixty people in attendance—a fraction of the audiences Durham Independent Dance Artists and others have summoned in recent years—few witnesses observed these needed innovations on a drizzly Thursday night. Terpsichorean in-jokes rippled through Welcome, Rachel Barker’s sharp-toothed tribute to presence and vulnerability in modern dance. After Barker’s trio spiraled through an absurd competition to somehow be the artist mostRead More →

By Lauren Stepp ASHEVILLE N.C.— It’s been 10 years since the North Carolina Dance Festival took center stage at the Diana Wortham Theatre, but the initiative goes back much further. “It started 27 years ago as a way to connect dance communities across North Carolina,” says co-director Anne Morris. “Our founder, Jan Van Dyke, wanted artists to show their work at various venues without having to leave the state.” And, while that remains the festival’s underlying mission, NCDF has transformed in years past, working to accommodate unconventional choreography and nontraditional venues. This year, it comes to the BeBe Theatre for performances on Friday, Oct. 20,Read More →

By Byron Woods Particularly in the dance world, change does not take place in a vacuum. A development in one area, for good or ill, can send ripples out across the practice. If others follow suit, the ripples become waves, potentially large enough to change the trajectories of people, communities, and institutions. As with the 2017 hurricane season, the shifts seem sudden only if you do not see them coming. It’s significant, then, that a week after Durham Independent Dance Artists launched its fourth season with a public recommitment to excellence and risk, the NC Dance Festivaland Emergence, two unaffiliated statewide dance showcases, will followRead More →