As Social Media Intern this spring, I’ve gotten to work with both of the Dance Project Co-Directors, Anne Morris and Lauren Joyner. You might have taken a class with them, seen them perform with the Van Dyke Dance Group, or know them from around the office. They’re fun, hard-working people who keep the organization running so smoothly. For my last blog of my internship, I thought I’d interview both of them to find out more about who they are. Here are a few excerpts from our interview. –Rachel Warrick, Spring 2016 Intern What does Dance Project mean to the Co-Directors? – Lauren: I think for meRead More →

The Van Dyke Dance Group is hard at work in the studio these days, preparing for the upcoming May 6 performance at the GreenHill Center for NC Art. Here are three of the dancers, Kelly Swindell, Lauren Joyner, and Kate Weaver, rehearsing “Tiny Life,” a trio that mixes playful dance movement and complex rhythms against the study of social and folk dance forms. Choreography, of course, by Jan Van Dyke. Photos by Anne Morris.Read More →