Class Spotlight: Hip Hop

photo_amanda_dioroAmanda Diorio, our instructor for adult Hip Hop class at Dance Project, gives us an insight into her passion for Hip Hop:

What is Hip Hop?  

“Hip hop is a dynamic and exciting American dance form. It helps with musicality, isolations, stamina and confidence.”

How did you get into Hip Hop and why do you like it?

“I was introduced to hip hop as a Junior in college. The movement was so fun and felt so natural to my body that I have studied it voraciously since.”

Who or what inspires you in this dance form?

“There are several teachers in New York and Los Angeles that post videos of their classes online and their choreography is so entertaining and the dancers look like they are having so much fun! Those are goals I have for my own class.”

What is your favorite song/artists/music style to dance to? What gets you groovin’?

“I like a wide variety of music. I love pop and dance music, specifically house disco, also hip hob, R&B, instrumental covers and lately even county!”
Come experience Hip Hop at Dance Project, Monday nights at 6pm! The class schedule is available here.

Amanda Diorio is a dance educator at Elon University and Greensboro College.  She teaches adult classes open to the public at the North Carolina Dance Project in Greensboro and instructs at Burlington Academy of Dance.  Amanda holds an M.F.A. in Choreography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a B.F.A. in Dance from Temple University. She has taught, produced, and choreographed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Florida and The Carolinas at universities, studios, schools and community centers. Specializing in Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop techniques she enjoys spreading peace, love and understanding through her teaching of dance and culture.

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