Dance: It’s not just for kids!

Many people don’t think of dancing after age 18, unless they’re making it a career. What if you love dancing or you’d like to try it, but want it to be a hobby or a way to stay active? Whether you’ve been wanting to try something new, want to to keep up your training, or have been meaning to put on your jazz shoes again after all these years, you can, at Dance Project! 

“[I love Dance Project’s] willingness to work with people of many levels, and the ability to dance for fun! It’s very rare to find good adult dance classes geared towards those who don’t intend to dance professionally.” -Dance Project Student


Jen Guy Metcalf Master Class

I feel rejuvenated and a little lighter after I leave,“says Karen Scott, a student in the Absolute Beginner Ballet class (featured in 1801 Greensboro Magazine). Dance has so much to offer. Dancing can free your mind, body, and spirit. It provides a good stretch and workout. It can help you reduce stress and gain new friendships! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, because it can really help with many different things in your life!

“[I value the] flexibility to come when I can and only pay for classes I take,” said a student of Dance Project. Dance Project understands the busyness of everyone’s lives which is why we offer a drop in policy for adults 18 and older. Our drop in policy is simple: come to classes when you can, whenever it fits your schedule. The great part about drop in classes is that you only have to pay for the classes you attend, so there’s no wasting money here!

I love having multiple adult classes on the same day!” Are you drawn to the graceful lines of ballet? The strong, funky rhythms of hip hop? Or the sound of tap shoes all together in unison? Then Dance Project is the place to be! Dance Project’s adult classes include: Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, Afro-contemporary, Pilates, modern, and musical theater. There is also an option for adult performance company, if you’d like all of your hard work to be seen in front of an audience. There are different levels of each class, so you can get an introduction to dance, or pick up where you left off. Just look and see!

Dance Project is a place where you can start something new or dust off your old dancing shoes! It is a place where you can meet new people, get a great workout, or learn something new. It is easy to sign up and register. Discover the dancer in you!



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