Exciting Guest Teachers for our Summer Classes!

Dance Project offers classes during our summer session in a variety of techniques, for beginners to experienced dancers. This summer we are excited to announce and introduce our guest teachers for our Modern III/IV class, held Tuesday nights from 6-7:30. Renay Aumiller, Durham based performer and choreographer and Artistic Director of Renay Aumiller Dances (RAD) and Amy Love Beasley, North Carolina visual artist, performer, and choreographer, will be joining us! Dance Project asked them a little bit about their classes.

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Dance Project: What are you most looking forward to about summer classes with Dance Project?

Renay: I always look forward to dancing with everyone at Dance Project. I love the fun-loving atmosphere, the energy and enthusiasm from the dancers, and the overall level of openness the Dance Project fosters.

Amy: Moving with a vibrant community of dancers that I love. And getting to know new dancers.

DP: What specific movement qualities will you be exploring in your teaching?

Renay: I like to shift around the movement qualities we explore in class, but if I had to generally define my personal sense of movement quality, I would say that it is physically fluid, large, and spiraled.

Amy: Resiliency! I had a little girl, Josie, eight weeks ago- now I’m expanding the ways that I think about strength and efficiency and what it means to be a more present, responsive, resilient mover and person.

DP: What could students expect before coming to your class?

Renay: I use a lot of imagery and anatomy in my classes so that we can learn about our bodies in a simultaneously creative and scientific way.

Amy: I aim for a good, sweaty class where we play with both choreography and improvisation to better understand ourselves as movers and to expand our physical and performative range. Sequencing takes somatic concepts into movement with subtlety or adventure, all, I hope, with a sense of self. I enjoy athleticism and momentum, moving in and out of the floor, and wide sweeping movement, alongside exploring detail, subtlety, nuance, and clarity. The older I get the more I value joy as a priority, so I’m also working on keeping class spacious enough for us to have fun moving together.

DP: Does your class stem from certain techniques or applications?

Renay: Yes! I’ve been developing a teaching method that integrates The Franklin Method® into movement development. As a certified Franklin Method educator, I find this somatic practice to be greatly beneficial in marrying the science of technique with the creative choices offered with heightened imaginations.

Amy: It is a release based class that calls on a pretty diverse background! I have been influenced by several different traditions- Bartenieff Fundamentals, Klein, and Safety-Release techniques….I see the lineage of Contact Improvisation, Cunningham, and Limon techniques as well. I have also been thinking about approaching movement from a visual perspective and making dances based on thinking about drawing in space.

DP: What do you love most about teaching?

Renay: I love so much about teaching, but I think what I love the most is watching dancers experiment and discover something new about themselves and their body. To see someone experience themselves and their movement in a new way, either subtle or radical, is why I do this. It is one example of discovering the art of change – through testing limitations, finding inner support, or any other significant breakthrough that brings positive and proactive growth to the body and mind.

Amy: Moving with people is one of my favorite things to do, and I feel most at home when I am in that space as a dancer, student, or teacher. It is a challenging and exhilarating place to be in- I find it both humbling and empowering. I also just love talking about movement, the body, how we approach movement and how that helps us grow as human beings.

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Photo by Grant Halverson

We hope you will join us for these wonderful classes! They are Tuesdays 6-7:30 in Studio 323 of the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center. Renay will teach June 21st and 28th, and August 9th and 17th. Amy will be teaching July 12th, 19th, and 26th, and August 2nd. For more information about scheduling and cost, check out our schedule here

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