History and Mission

Our Mission

Dance Project’s mission is to cultivate the field of modern dance in North Carolina, nurturing a community of artists, audiences, and students by providing opportunities for training, performance, collaboration, and employment.

History of the Dance Project

Originally formed in 1974 in Washington, D.C. as the managing organization of Jan Van Dyke’s school, performance space, and dance company, the organization has been in operation in NC since 1989. All three components of the organization aim to encourage the public in the arts, specifically dance, both as participants and as audience, through an ambitious schedule of activities in the community. The NC Dance Festival also seeks to build the NC dance community by aiding regional artists and choreographers by providing workshops and opportunities for performance.

Van Dyke Dance Group: Active since 1989, the company performs Jan Van Dyke’s choreography which is athletic, poetic, contemporary, and accessible to a variety of audiences. The company members are all local artists with strong technical and performance experience and the commitment, precision, and energy necessary to perform Van Dyke’s choreography.

NC Dance Festival: Started in 1991, the Festival is a showcase of NC choreography and performance that annually tours statewide. Each site produces 1 or 2 different concerts over the course of a weekend and includes invited work by local artists. In each host city, outreach activities are organized to send Festival artists into public schools, museums, libraries and community centers for classes and performances.

The School at City Arts: In 2007, the Dance Project took over management of the City Arts dance program in the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Greensboro. We now offer high caliber classes for children and adults from beginners to advanced students in a non-competitive environment where dance is fun and rewarding.