Marathon FUNdraising Tool Kit

FUNdraising Tool Kit

Here is where you will find all of the tools you will need to help raise money for your team! Any questions please email Lauren!

Email and Letter Templates

This template will help you customize your fundraising efforts! Please add your personal details and share with friends and family.

Why donate?

Please share why YOU support Dance Project! Why you dance will be the most impactful reason that your friends and family will donate to you. But here are a few ways in which the money will be used. This Dance Marathon is a fundraiser to help the School ensure that we may continue to provide unique and vital opportunities for our community.

Our mission at the School at City Arts is to make professional quality dance education accessible to as many people as possible. Through our on-going classes for children and adults, outreach activities, and other special programs in our community, we:

  • Encourage freedom of expression and creativity
  • Promote self-confidence and healthy living
  • Nurture and train future dance artists
  • Provide affordable access to dance through scholarships and outreach programs

$50 Would help to pay a teacher to teach a free class in Lebauer Park!

$250  Can provide a scholarship for a student for a semester! (average 15 week semester)

$500  Can pay for a professional dance teacher to teach a workshop in our community!

20 Ways to Raise $120

How to Fundraise