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It’s not every day that students apply for internships of their dreams and get them! Dance Project actively seeks interns each semester to help college students get their foot in the door and gain invaluable experience for when it comes time for them to graduate and obtain their first job. Dance Project looks for interns in many areas, depending on the needs at the time, including: Marketing and Social Media, School Operations, School Outreach, and Development and Program Assistance.

Our interns are all unique, although they don’t cross paths much, they are all an integral part of the organization.

Meet our Spring 2016 interns!

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Rachel is a New Jersey native and a senior at High Point University finishing up her B.S.B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship along with a Marketing minor. Rachel is the Marketing and Social Media intern. Fun fact: I am the youngest of four and the only girl in my entire family, with 3 older brothers, 2 boy cousins, and just became an Aunt to a new baby nephew!!


Bill born in San Jose, California, but raised in Raleigh, is a sophomore at UNCG studying Costume Design. Bill is the School Outreach intern specifically working with costumes. Fun fact: “My hiccups are cough-hiccups. When I get hiccups my body coughs first before letting the hiccup out.”



Maya is from Cary, North Carolina and a Freshman at UNCG getting her BFA in Acting with a Arts Administration minor. Maya is also working with School Outreach. Fun fact: “I have read every Harry Potter book 27 times.



Miloni is a Greensboro native and a Freshman at North Carolina A&T majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Miloni is the School Operations intern. Fun fact: “I love K-Dramas and K-Pop.”


We asked the interns some fun questions about themselves and got some cool answers in return. If the interns were to take a day trip together, they would all go to the beach instead of the mountains. Besides the beach, the interns never agreed on another question. Where Rachel and Maya would watch a comedy, Bill and Miloni would watch a horror film. Choosing between cats or dogs, Rachel is a cat person while Maya is a dog person and Miloni and Bill choose them both. Chocolate or Vanilla? Miloni and Bill choose vanilla, while Maya and Rachel choose chocolate. While Miloni would cook dinner, Maya would bake dessert, Rachel could help cook and bake, while Bill would watch and wait to indulge in it all!

On a more serious note, when ask how their experience at Dance Project is so far, we got only positive feedback. “It’s been great! I’m learning so much!” said Maya. “It’s been a good experience, something new!” says Bill. “My experience with dance project is so amazing, I literally have learned so much in the time that I have been a part of DP.” said Miloni. “Dance Project has helped me to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a social media manager and how to better manage my time. I am loving my time working for DP and am so grateful for the opportunity!” says Rachel. 

Interns are a joy to have and are an invaluable resource to a company. They not only work and learn, but they also can help a company to grow with the ever-changing world, by bringing in new information they’ve learned or just know because they are up on the times. They choose to be here and help out. They not only gain a better understanding of their likes and dislikes in the workplace, but they learn more about the job and gain knowledge and experience.

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