Our Master Classes are for YOU

Dance Project offers a variety of weekly classes for children, teens, and adults, but did you know we also offer Master Classes every second and third Saturday in the Fall and Spring?

What are Master Classes?

We offer many different levels of Master Classes; some Saturdays the class might be for advanced dancers, but others are open to everyone within the community looking to learn something new, freshen up on their dance skills, or just keep up with their training. Over the last year, Dance Project has held Master Classes in styles such as Hip-Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Ballroom, Contemporary Ballet, Tap, Street Jazz, Repertory, and many more.

It can be intimidating to come to a new dance class with a great instructor, but Dance Project’s Master Classes are welcoming and encouraging. These classes are offered to give dancers an outlet to learn new things, meet new people, and get to know different instructors on a more intimate level. They also can provide an in depth exploration of technique in a non-competitive environment.

Photos from Art Davison’s Ballroom Master Class 2016

Who are the instructors?

Master Classes are taught by dancers, choreographers, performers, and teachers with a professional background and/or specialized training. Most Master teachers are local artists from across NC, but on occasion we offer classes with teachers from outside the state. In the last year, we’ve hosted classes with Helen Simoneau Danse and Gerri Houlihan, local teachers like Amy Beasley, Alex Warren, and Morgan Jones, groups like Greensboro Underground Dance League, and many more!

The instructors come to teach, but also to introduce themselves to dancers who might not know them, gaining new followers and audiences. The instructors gain just as much as the students through these opportunities to network and share their work.

Jen Guy Metcalf teaching Contemporary Ballet


It is not everyday that you can take a class with a master instructor and gain a better understanding of the art, learn different techniques, or just leap into dance for the first time. Dance Project offers quality Master Classes to dancers and the local community, because we want to share our love for dance with others, and provide unique opportunities for dancers and professional artists. Be on the look out for upcoming Master Classes that could get you inspired!





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