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Submissions for the 2018-19 NC Dance Festival are now closed

In 2017, the NC Dance Festival changed its structure, in order to feature more artists, working in a variety of “kinds” of contemporary dance, including experimental work, multi-media, and dance theater, etc. We aim for our Festival to be more representative of the variety of ways NC artists are expressing themselves, while pushing for high-quality, innovative choreography by diverse artists. The unique variables of each Festival site will dictate the kinds of performances, from formal to non-traditional spaces, collaborative work, site-specific, entertaining to serious, avant-garde to more traditional.

Here is the anticipated layout for the 2018-19 season:

1. We will present work in both formal and non-traditional performance spaces throughout the tour.

2. Works may be selected for one or more performances in the season; the “tour” will not be the same collection of works at each site.

3. Most tour activity will take place in the Fall of 2018, with an anticipated performance in April of 2019.

4. Our touring sites will include Asheville, Durham, Charlotte, and Greensboro.

The NC Dance Festival considers strong choreography in any genre, and encourages innovative and contemporary approaches to choreography, including fused forms (contemporary ballet, contemporary African, contemporary hip-hop, etc.), dance theater, and experimental work.

Please read individual application guidelines for each opportunity below.

NCDF Tour:

Goal: To showcase the range of choreographic perspectives and the quality of dance work being created by NC dance artists, and to share that work widely throughout the state. We are looking for quality work that demonstrates a willingness to take artistic risks, provides unique perspectives on current art and culture, and demonstrates surpassing execution. Submissions must be complete (no works-in-progress). The NCDF Festival will visit multiple NC cities throughout the season.

Submission Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Application form

NCDF Choreographic Commission:

The NC Dance Festival and GreenHill Center for NC Art are collaborating on a special performance event in September or October 2018, as part of GreenHill’s exhibit Beyond Ornament, an exhibition including jewelry and works to adorn the body from nationally recognized artists.  It will also include objects that do not fit into the category of jewelry per se but investigate the notion of ornament as it relates to the body such as Erika Diamond’s cast bronze objects whose volumes reproduce the space between two people’s palms when holding hands.

We are interested in commissioning a choreographer to create a choreographed dance with a small cast (5-10 minutes, 2-3 dancers) that incorporates one or more of these jewelry/ornament objects as inspiration and performative object. The choreographer will also organize and direct a larger group of dancers in a more improvisational movement “score” to interact with attendees during the event while wearing the jewelry objects from the exhibition.

More details on the commission

Slideshow of images of jewelry ornaments to be included

Online Application


 General guidelines:

Choreographers must be based in NC. If you have special circumstances, please contact us.

Choreographers may apply to more than one category, but will not be selected to participate in more than one category.

NCDF tour applicants must submit a $30 application fee; NCDF Choreographic Commission applicants will submit a $10 application fee. (You may pay online, below, or mail a check.)

All choreographers selected to participate are expected to obtain all necessary copyright permissions for music and text.

Choreographers are not eligible to tour with the Festival for 2 years in a row, but may apply in other submission categories.


All applications must be received January 22, 2018.

Online application is preferred, but you may also send your application packet and application fee by mail, to:

NC Dance Festival

200 N. Davie St #7

Greensboro, NC 27401