Spotlight: NCDF Artist EE Balcos

Photo by Jeff Cravotta
Photo by Jeff Cravotta

NCDF is excited to showcase returning NCDF artist EE Balcos on our 26th tour. Balcos is a professional dancer, choreographer, and contact improviser from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has performed nationally and internationally with successful modern dance companies and his own choreography has been presented across the country. His work has also had support from the Arts & Science Council. This season marks his 5th season as a touring artist with NCDF since 2006. Balcos is an Associate Professor of Dance at the UNC Charlotte. He served on the Dance Project Board of Directors in 2014-2015. He has also taught dance at UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, Charlotte Ballet, Charlotte New Music Festival, and Open Door Studios. He has a B.A. in Music and an M.F.A. in Choreography.

EE Balcos will be bringing the duet Forward/Rewind which he describes as a “shadowy relationship that is filled with intrigue, and mystery. The relationship “ends” at the end of the first section, only to “rewind” into the past to when they first met.” Dance Project asked him a few questions about the work, and his time with NCDF.


EEMotion-Forward-RewindSince you are a returning NCDF artist, what about the festival keeps bringing you back?

I think the NCDF is an exciting venue for North Carolina choreographers and dancers. It is an honor to be chosen by a blind adjudication panel as one of the choreographers this year. It is my 5th time as a selected artist, which keeps me more accessible and on my toes!
“Forward/Rewind” is a work that’s been in your repertory for many years. How does it remain fresh for you? What about it drives you to continue the work?
Forward/Rewind has been in my repertory for 10 years and it is one of my favorite pieces. The concept is original, the movement is lush and full, and the music is haunting and rich. I also have the original cast that it was created for so it remains in their bodies (although I’m one of them). Tai Dorn was 22 when she first performed it, now 10 years later she will demonstrate a greater life experience (for me as well). This depth of experience and embodied language will be clearly seen by the audience.
Forward/Rewind will be seen on the NCDF Festival tour in Raleigh September 10th, Boone October 28th-29th, and Greensboro November 12th. For more information, click here.

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