Spotlight: NCDF Artist Lindsey Kelley Brewer

Lindsey Kelley Dance 3-19-2015- 279NCDF is excited to be showcasing Lindsey Kelley Brewer’s solo work, that happened, now onward in our upcoming 26th season. Recognizing the muddled past; its existence, its purpose. Learning to release what is necessary; set it free, forgive and someday even forget? Attempting to leave yesterday’s debris in the haunting shadows and move towards a lighter and clearer tomorrow. Such thoughts are questioned and tested in her self­choreographed modern dance solo, that happened, now onward.

Lindsey Kelley Brewer is the artistic director of Lindsey Kelley Dance, a modern dance company based in Asheville, NC. She received early dance training with the Northwest Florida Ballet Company and received a BFA in Dance from the University of South Florida.  While living in NYC, Lindsey performed with many groups including Contemporary Dance Theatre, Naganuma Dance, and Steps on Broadway’s Repertory Ensemble, and presented work at Food for Thought/Danspace Project, and Triskelion Arts Festival. Her choreography has been widely presented, including at the American Dance Festival, both Asheville and Greensboro Fringe Festivals, North Carolina Dance Festival, ReHappening and the University of North Carolina Asheville. Lindsey is currently a modern and ballet dance educator in Asheville.  

Dance Project asked her a few questions about her work and time with NCDF.

Since you are a returning NCDF artist, what about the festival keeps bringing you back?

I feel quite passionate about contributing to the continual growth of the dance community near and around Asheville.  I was eager to participate again, because I know that NCDF is a positive and supportive way to help nurture such growth and to advocate for the dance scene in Asheville.  Also, I very much appreciated all of the connections which budded and blossomed last time I participated in the Festival.  These connections led to both teaching and choreographic residencies in Boone and Raleigh, which was a fantastic perk to being a touring artist with NCDF. From professional lighting design and helpful tech crews, to clear communication and student outreach, I had an overall positively solid experience last go around with NCDF and am very much looking forward to this year’s festival.

How has the process of creating a solo for yourself been different from your other group works?

Creating solo work has always been a favorite of mine.  I know several choreographer comrades who dread the thought of creating a self-choreographed solo, but I find great comfort and therapeutic value in doing so.  I enjoy spending alone time in the studio creating movement, easily tossing out what does not feel right,  and improvising freely until the dance almost creates itself.  This process becomes meditative at times, particularly with the creation and rehearsal of that happened, now onward.  Its concept is simple, yet highly personal.  The internal value in performing this work might not always seem visible to the outside eye, but I sense and feel it strongly.  Creating group work provides more choreographic possibilities in dealing with time, space, and the relationship to other dancers.  This challenge can be very rewarding, but also trickier at times.  I highly enjoy both processes, but feel much more connected to the creation of smaller dance works at this time; solos, duets, trios.



that happened, now onward will be presented on the NCDF Festival tour in Raleigh September 10th, Boone October 28th-29th, and Greensboro November 12th. For more information, click here. 

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