Spotlight: NCDF Artist Renay Aumiller

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NCDF is excited to showcase an excerpt from the evening-length “Blood Moon” by returning NCDF artist, Renay Aumiller. Aumiller is founding director of RAD | Renay Aumiller Dances. Founded in 2012, RAD has quickly gained momentum in North Carolina through thought-provoking performances displaying keen wit and fluid physicality. The company is based in Durham, NC and is comprised of professional dancers from the area known for their technical and creative capacities. They have performed at the American Dance Festival (Durham, NC), WAXworks (Brooklyn, NY), the North Carolina Dance Festival, several regional festivals, and three self-produced performances in traditional and alternative venues. To stay up to date on the company’s performance schedule or to inquire about booking, please visit their website


Dance Project asked Renay a few questions about her work and time with NCDF.

Since you are a returning NCDF artist, what about the festival keeps bringing you back?

Photo by Tony Spielberg

I love so much about the NCDF Festival. I remember going to see the concerts as a high school student in Raleigh and loved that it highlighted the great work that was being created throughout our state. Now that I’m a one of the choreographers, I love how the tour exposes RAD to regions of NC outside of the Triangle. I love meeting other dancers from Raleigh, Greensboro, and Boone. It has kind of turned into a reunion for us – running into many performers and choreographers we have met throughout the years in various capacities. I will always be a supporter of NCDF – whether through participation in the tour or as a viewer in the audience!

Photo by Stephanie Leathers
Photo by Stephanie Leathers

“Blood Moon” is a section from a longer, evening-length work. Do you feel this excerpt of  “Blood Moon” changes at all when it is not in the context of the larger work?

The original version of Blood Moon was actually an 11-minute dance that we expanded into an evening length work integrating aerial rigs. We are now re-editing the evening length version back down into a new 11-minute dance! It has been such an unusual and educational process to expand and then edit this dance so many times and in so many variations. It has definitely changed multiple times through various contexts. But, since it started out as a stand-alone shorter work, nothing is conceptually lost by shortening it for the tour. It is definitely going to be a different experience than the evening length Blood Moon since there won’t be anyone flying in aerial harnesses, but the ideas of control and rebellion are still very evident. If you’ve seen the evening length version or the original 11-minute dance, you will still have the opportunity to see a different take on Blood Moon on the NCDF tour!

Blood Moon will be seen on the NCDF Festival tour in Raleigh September 10th, Boone October 28th-29th, and Greensboro November 12th.

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