Spotlight: Working Professionals

At Dance Project, we offer a variety of affordable adult classes that can satisfy any need to get groovin’.  Whether you’ve been dancing for years or are just getting started, the joy of dancing is easy to access here with our drop-in classes.  Many of our regular class attendees are also working professionals and two of them have shared their stories about dance and their experiences at Dance Project:

Shana is an English teacher and Grishma is an actuary at Lincoln Financial Group

What got you interested in taking classes at Dance Project?

Shana: “I was taking adult classes at Greensboro Ballet, and one of the teachers told me that they also had adult dance right across the hall!  I continued to take class in both locations until Greensboro Ballet discontinued their adult program; now I only take class at Dance Project.”

Grishma: “I’ve wanted to take ballet classes for a long time, but had a hard time finding adult classes for beginners that were also affordable. I found Dance Project online and thought I would try it out.”


How long have you been dancing?  At Dance Project?

Shana: “I think I originally started dancing when I was 4?  However, my dancing has been very off-and-on throughout my life.  I started taking class at Dance Project in 2012 or 2013 and I am currently taking Ballet I/II and Absolute Beginner Modern; of these ballet is definitely my favorite.”

Grishma: “I’ve taken Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) for about 14 years, but I just started taking ballet at Dance Project last March. I take ballet and modern now, and I think I enjoy my modern class the most. Both of those dance styles are very different from the dance forms I knew, so I had a lot to learn (and still do).”


How has dance impacted your life?

Shana: “I can’t adequately describe the impact dance has had on both my life and my career.  I actually wrote my dissertation on Ballet, if that gives you any idea!”

Grishma: “Dance has definitely impacted my life; growing up doing a lot of dance has made me feel incomplete without it. I think dance gives me a lot of confidence and helps me de-stress at the end of a work day. I struggle a bit with communication, and it’s great to have a medium through which I can express myself. ”


What dance move/step have you found most challenging recently? What move/step feels great to do?

Shana: “I find jazz and modern to be incredibly challenging for me overall.  My favorite moves are also my most challenging: I love pirouettes, but I am not very good at them at all!”

Grishma:“I’d say the most challenging dance move for me recently has been the frappé, and my favorite move is probably the waltz.”


Feel free to stop by Dance Project and experience these great adult classes for yourself!  Check out the class schedule and we hope to dance with you soon!

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