Spring 2018 Adult Classes and Information

Here you will find everything that you need to know for our Spring 2018 Adult Classes. Please read carefully and email Lauren if you have any questions. 

  • Adult students WILL NOT need to register and enroll via the student portal for the Spring 2018 semester. *Only ADULT PERFORMANCE COMPANY will register through the portal!!
  • You may view the schedule through the link to register but you will not need to register!
  • We are updating a new adult registration system for online and will have it available soon. For now feel free to browse the schedule and let us know if you have any questions.
  • Any classes that are listed 13+ are available to adults! Again, do not register specifically for those classes. You will be able to drop into any of those classes.
  • All of our registration is now online.
  • We accept cash, check, and credit card payments for classes and class cards in the studio with the instructors.
  • We are so excited to have our Adult Performance Company class back on our roster. If you would like to join the class you will need to register and enroll through the Student Portal. You are also required to take at least one technique class a week. 

Important Dates: 

Spring 2018 Semester      1/8/18-6/9/18

Last Day to Register for Spring 2018      2/3/18

Last day to waive Spring 2018 registration fee      12/16/17

Last day to waive Summer 2018 registration fee   5/19/18

Summer 2018 Schedule Opens      2/12/18

Spring 2018 scholarships are due      12/16/17

Summer 2018 Scholarships are due  5/5/18

Summer 2018 Scholarships open 3/1/18

Bring a Buddy Week      1/22/18-1/27/18

Spring Showcase Performance fee due   3/1/18 *1 fee per dancer!

Dance Marathon          3/17/18

Parent Observation Week      4/16/18-4/21/18

Spring Showcase Dress Rehearsal      6/1/18  *Rehearsal will begin at 4:30pm!

Spring Showcase Performance            6/2/18  *Show times 11am and 2pm!

School Closed:

MLK Holiday      1/15/18

Thespian Festival      3/22/18-3/24/18

Spring Break      3/30/18-4/5/18

Memorial Day      5/28/18

Spring Showcase      6/2/18

Adult Drop-In Rates: 

1 hr- $12

1.25/1.5 hrs- $14

2hrs- $16

Adult Class Cards:

College Student/Professional- $110

Non-Student- $120