What’s there to do this summer?

Can you remember a summer where you sat around and didn’t know what to do? How boring and uneventful it must have been. Now picture your kids, during the summer of 2016, exploring the jungle, strolling through a chocolate factory, being a film star, traveling around the world, or being a superhero! Wouldn’t that be amazing! 


[In a galaxy far, far away–actually, in a home right here in Greensboro…]

“Look, look, look!”

-What is it DJ?

“At school, Sam told me about how she and her little brother, James are going to a Dance Camp at Dance Project this summer! So I thought Kate and I could go too.”

-DJ, Kate is only 3 years old, how can she go to Dance Camp?

“They have camps for everyone! They have a creative movement camp for 3 to 5 year olds that will teach them about different cultures around the world, through movement games, crafts, song and dance.”

-But what will you do?

“They have five summer camps and I can go to three of them if you’d let me!”

-Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Tell me a little more and I’ll think about it.

“I can go to Superhero camp and find my inner superpower. Or I can Do a Play All the Way!! One week they’ll be putting on the Jungle Book, and another week, it’ll be Willy Wonka! I’d get to act, dance, and build the sets–and YOU could come watch me on stage! I just wish I was a little older, because they have a Dance for the Camera camp for teens, where you get to film, dance, and edit your own dance film!”

-Well, this does sound not only fun, but educational as well. You’d probably meet some fun new friends, and you do love to be creative. And Kate can go too?

“Of course! There are so many things for everyone of all ages to do! So can we, can we, can we, can we!!??”

-I can see you’re very excited, so I will go to their website and sign you up!

If you have a kid like DJ, we hope you’ll check out our summer camps and classes for kids, teens, and adults, and make Dance Project part of your summer!

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