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Masks are optional as of March 15th, 2023 for students and staff in conjunction with the protocols.

Dance Project is currently following recommended CDC guidelines and any requirements from the City of Greensboro to keep our students, families, and staff members safe. We may change our COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including mask requirements, at any time in response to changing regulations or risk factors. While we strive to update all of our PDF and printed materials quickly when this happens, it may not always be possible to do so immediately, so our most up to date rules will always be communicated via email/band app, in our weekly reminders, via studio/building signage, or in-person at our check in desk. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us to confirm current protocols. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Click here to view our COVID-19 Protocols Guide.


  • Adults can drop-in any time during the semester. Registration is completed by purchasing your Single or Multi-Class passes through our Eventbrite page. Special workshops/master classes may require separate registration. 
  • If attending class over zoom, instructions for joining the meeting will be included with your ticket.


  • Youth Students must register on the class portal by the registration deadline for the full semester.
  • Registration fees apply with youth students. The student’s place in class will not be reserved until registration fees have been paid. These registration fees will be waived if you make a payment by the waive date or if you are a scholarship applicant.
  • Read our Important Details document for more useful info and deadlines.

With permission of the School Director, youth students may join after the semester has begun but we will not pro-rate tuition for the semester. Students are allowed to make-up any classes that they may have missed in a class of the same level/age. If you are planning to make-up a class please contact to let her know, so that she may inform the teacher.

Adult students are welcome to drop in at any point during the semester with a valid class pass. 

While we are back to in-person classes, most of our classes can be live-streamed on Zoom simultaneously (previously referred to as Hybrid classes), so you can choose which option you are most comfortable with. We will have up to 12 in-studio spots in each studio class to maintain safe distances. Youth registration will be set up to automatically place all students in-person by default. Contact us if you/your dancer are interested in taking a class virtually.

 More questions? Please contact

Some classes may remain virtual only, or in-person only. Download/view the class schedule from the appropriate season to find out how specific classes will be offered.

You will need a free Zoom account to access the online classes. (The 40 min limit for free accounts does not apply, since Dance Project is “hosting” these classes.) Sign up here.

All of Dance Project’s virtual classes are passcode protected. Passcodes are case sensitive.

Youth students: Your class link will be shared with you via email.

Adult students: If you purchased a single class ticket on TicketmeTriad, your class access information will be sent out via email. If you have purchased a multi-class pass you will receive an email within 48 hours of making your purchase with instructions for how to access a chosen class.

A few minutes before class, click the link you received with the Zoom meeting link/passcode for your class.

Youth Students: Yes! Youth students may have one free trial class. Email for more information on our trial policies.

Adult students: Adult students can take a free trial class by using a TicketMeTriad promo code during the first 2 weeks of the semester.  

Youth Tuition can be paid in 3 ways:

  • To pay by credit card please go to the class portal.
  • To pay by cash or check visit us in the office.
  • Checks can also be mailed to Dance Project, 200 N. Davie St., #7, Greensboro, NC 27401

Youth Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration or in monthly installments.

  • Monthly installments must be paid by the first class of the month, no later than the 10th or a late fee of $10 will apply. Once a payment is late (past the 10th of the month), the client will be issued a statement.
  • If payment is not resolved within 10 days of the statement date and the client has not communicated, Dance Project holds the right to disallow the student to take class.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the school coordinator at Payments may be made by personal check or cash in our office, or by mail.
  • Credit card payments can be made online via our class portal. There is a 3% convenience fee to pay online.
  • Due to bank fees, a $25 charge will apply for all returned checks.

How do I pay for an adult drop in class? Single class passes, multi class passes, and special deal passes are available for purchase through our eventbrite page. See the tab about adult class payment for more info.

To check your balance or view your past pay history visit the class portal and click “View Financial History”.

For adult students, we offer single class drop-in rates and 10-class cards, which are good for 12 weeks (excluding weeks that classes are not in session) from time of purchase. These are purchased on Eventbrite.

  • Class cards are transferable between classes unless otherwise stated. 
  • We also offer deals on class cards and bring-a-friend options for our adult students occasionally. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media (Instagram: DanceProjectInc or Facebook: DanceProjectTheSchool) to be notified when these deals are announced!

Read our check in process details here

Yes, we have dress codes for youth students. Please click here to access our youth dress code guide.

We do not have a strict dress code for our adult students. However, we expect students to wear dance attire and not street clothes. Click here to access the adult dress code recommendations. 

Mask guidelines will be updated regularly. We currently require masks be worn in our studios at all times regardless of city building requirements. Contact us if you have questions.

Students not in compliance with our dress code may be asked to observe class (especially if it happens more than 2 times).

Please never walk outside in your dance shoes! This destroys the shoes as well as dirties the studios.

Please contact or call 336-370-6776 if you are running late.

For Virtual Classes: Please note, our Zoom classes will be locked after 5 minutes for privacy purposes so it is best to join the zoom class promptly. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, contact the on call staff member designated on the Google Doc for that day. The on call staff member will alert the instructor of your situation so that the meeting will not be locked.

For Studio Classes (see current semester webpage/COVID protocols):

Please try to make sure you/your child arrives prepared promptly for class.

Young students often need a bathroom visit and snack prior to class. Students should arrive in class ready to begin.

Tardiness is disruptive to both the other students and the instructor.

If a student is 10 or more minutes late to class, the instructor may ask the student to observe instead of participate for both safety reasons and to avoid unnecessary class disruption.

Dancing requires regular practice to improve and consequently good attendance is necessary and expected of all of our regularly enrolled students. In order to have a good classroom environment it is important for all students to be in attendance as often as possible for the entire group to progress.

In the case of necessary absence, whether attending virtual or studio classes, please contact the office at or 336-370-6776 so we can let the instructor know. 

In Studio Classes: With permission of the School Director, youth students may make-up missed classes by attending another appropriately leveled class.

For Virtual Students: Students taking class virtually can contact us to receive a recording of their missed class or a different class of the same level/age group depending on what is available.

If your dancer would like to/needs to make up a class please contact Magalli.

Once a student has begun classes, if you or your child find that the class is not right for you, you will have two weeks to withdraw.

  • Refunds will not be made after this time period unless extenuating circumstances apply, and registration fees are non-refundable.
  • These decisions are at the discretion of the School Director. If you need to withdraw from the program during the semester please contact the office as soon as possible.
  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you will still be responsible for the full balance of the semester, regardless of the withdrawal date. 

At Dance Project, we work hard to cultivate a friendly and safe learning environment, where students feel comfortable to explore movement creatively. In order to protect this environment, disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Good etiquette for the classroom is to arrive promptly, enter the room when invited and stretch/warm up until instructed otherwise.
  • All outside business (snacks, phone calls, bathroom visits, hair, dressing, etc.) should be taken care of in advance of the start time of dance class.
  • Entering and exiting the classroom while class is in session is only allowed with teacher permission.
  • All students are expected to be prompt, properly dressed, and respectful of their fellow classmates and instructor.
  •  Students displaying continual negative behavior may be asked to sit out, leave class, and in extreme circumstances may be removed from the class.


Please help us protect our friendly environment, whether virtual in our Zoom classes or in our studios, by encouraging proper dance class etiquette!

  • Please remember to keep the hallways and stairwells clear of obstructions.
  • Running up/down the stairs and hanging on railings is strictly not allowed in this building.
  • All children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the studios, water is the only beverage allowed in the studio. Water bottles are encouraged! 

Please note: Dance Project will be following building and State guidelines. We are currently offering in-studio, hybrid, and virtual classes. See our COVID-19 Protocols for more info. 

In the event of a classroom illness or accident, parent/guardian(s) will be notified immediately by telephone if they are not already in the building. If a parent/guardian is not accessible at the time of an illness or injury, the instructor and School Director along with the building security and building manager will make choices about how to best handle the situation. 

Please note: while some classes are being held virtually with students participating from their own home, we recommend that an adult or guardian be present in the home in the event of any injuries. Dance Project staff will still contact the parent/guardian.

While safety emergencies are very rare in the Cultural Center, we feel it is important to be prepared to handle each situation safely and efficiently. In the event of an emergency, we will follow the procedures below:

  • In the event of a necessary building evacuation, instructors will guide students to the Cultural Arts Center evacuation assembly area, the Elm Street side of Center City Park. Students will remain with their instructors until either a parent or guardian comes to get the student from the evacuation area. Instructors will take the students back into the studio if an all clear signal is given and re-entry to the building is granted.
  • When notified of dangerous weather (tornados, severe thunder storm, winds, etc.) or chemical, biological, or radiological contaminants, instructors will take students to the building designated safety areas. There are designated safe areas on the 1st floor of the Cultural Center: the hallway by the pottery studios, the hallway by the Greensboro Community Television, and the Drama Studio (Rm 108). Students will remain with their instructors until an all clear signal is given, at which time instructors will release students to their parent/guardian(s) or may take students back to the studio.
  • In the event of a lock-down (impending violent situation), instructors will either lead students quickly to a designated safe area or wait under lock down in the studio. After the all-clear signal is given, students may be picked up at their studio.


In the event of an emergency, please remain calm and wait to meet your student until after the all clear signal is given, at which time, the easiest place to get your student is in the studio where he or she is usually having class.

Please do not take your student and leave without first notifying the instructor! 

Dance Project: The School has the right to cancel or combine any class with fewer than 3 students enrolled.

Classes can be adopted by donors which allows them to run regardless of enrollment. If you are interested in adopting a class click here to visit our Give page. 

Please check our calendar and announcements to confirm class schedules.

  • In the case of inclement weather, please check announcements on our website for closing information or call 336-370-6776. Any changes will be posted by 2 pm for weekday classes, and 9am for Saturday classes.

Dance Project: the School has the right to permanently cancel any class with fewer than 3 students regularly attending.

No, Dance Project: the School does not follow the Guilford County school closings.

In the case of inclement weather, please check announcements on our website for closing information or call 336-370-6776. We will make a call for Saturday classes at 9am, and 2pm for weekday classes. Please check our website/band/social media pages for postings.

In the case of weather closings or otherwise cancelled classes, make-up classes will be scheduled. 

Dance Project students progress through the curriculum at their own pace. Recommendations for class placement in Dancing with Tots, Creative Movement, Ballet/Modern and Tap/Hip Hop are made based on age and the child’s development.

  • Students may enter our Ballet, Modern, and Jazz program beginning at the age of 8. All students begin at level I and will progress as they build skill.
  • To move to the next level, a student generally will have at least two semesters of experience as well as recommendation of the instructor/School Director.
  • In determining class placement, the School Director and instructors will consider emotional maturity, physical development, strength, and execution of dance skills. Throughout the first six weeks of classes, instructors will observe and evaluate placement.
  • Parents will be contacted by the School Director if a student would be better served in another class.
  • If you have had at least two semesters of a class (Fall and Spring – Summer does not apply towards class placement) you may contact the School Director to discuss moving into the next level.
  • We are happy to offer a trial class to determine class placement; please email the School Director at to request a trial placement class. 

If your child cries or demonstrates anxiety prior to class, you could try some different techniques to help the situation.

  • To begin, try to bring the student early to class so they have more time to acclimate to their surroundings.
  • If your child is scared, perhaps a security item such as a favorite toy or blanket could journey into the dance classroom with the student and be placed by the mirror for a feeling of safety.
  • Perhaps a pep talk with the promise of a reward (i.e. visit to the park, library, etc.) for success will help.
  • Avoid allowing the child to dictate how the situation will be resolved, talk to the instructor to come to an agreement for how to handle your particular situation.


Please do not be discouraged if your child experiences difficulty in joining in class, this is very normal and we are here to help!


Applications for the next NC Dance Festival Season are accepted from NC artists only, usually in the winter (Jan/Feb). Typically we hold artist calls for our Artist in Residence Program as well as our NC Dance Festival performance activities. The best way to get notified of deadlines would be to join the mailing list (for NCDF) or follow us on Social Media. Visit the NCDF page.

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Church Street Parking Deck
215 N. Church St., Greensboro, NC 27401

Download this Parking Voucher to use when visiting Dance Project during Steven Tanger Center events. Show this voucher to the attendant to waive the event parking fee. 

Davie Street Parking Deck
109 E. Market St., Greensboro, NC 27401

Street Parking
Enforcement of parking meter spaces is from 8 am to 6 pm Mondays through Saturdays, excluding Sundays and City-designated holidays.

200 N. Davie St.

Center Hours:
8 am to 10 pm – Mon-Fri
9 am to 6 pm – Sat
1-6 pm – Sun

The building has wheelchair access and ramps, and automated doors. Elevators are available. 

For more info and building contact details click here.