In Process

The NC Dance Festival Podcast

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In Process

The NC Dance Festival Podcast

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Why a podcast?

For 30 years, the NC Dance Festival has been building a strong network of choreographers, dancers, and audiences across North Carolina. Join us every other week as Festival director Anne Morris and others dive deep into the risk-taking and dance-making that characterize the modern and contemporary dance community in NC. Expect artist interviews, behind-the-scenes insights into the 2020 season, and fun and important conversations about dance and the creative life. Perfect for anyone curious about the who, how, and especially the “why” of dance.

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Show Notes:

Bringing Season 2 of “In Process” to a close, Festival Director Anne Morris chats with fellow Dance Project Executive Director, Lauren Joyner, as they reflect on memories and highlights from the second half of the season. They echo ideas from the wide spectrum of guests about establishing a healthy and sustainable dance career, the need for equal access to funding and opportunities, and reexamining what a thriving career in dance can look like.
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Guests featured in this episode:
Gerri Houlihan
Jody Cassell
Rae Cozart
MaD O’Brien
Kendall Ramirez
Faith Fidgeon
Jeff Aguiar
Princess Johnson
Milanda McGinnis
April Parker
Alexandra Joye Warren
Dr. David Popoli
Lesa Broadhead
Links to episodes mentioned:
Gerri Houlihan and Jody Cassell
UNCSA 2022 grads (Faith Fidgeon, Kendall Ramirez, Rae Cozart, and maD O’Brien)
Jeff Aguiar
Black Creatives (Milanda McGinnis, April Parker, Princess Johnson, Alexandra Joye Warren)
Part 2:
Dr. David Popoli
Lesa Broadhead


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Previous Episodes from Season 2:

S2 E9: "It's always an evolution"

This week, Festival Director Anne Morris talks with Doug Singleton, the Executive Director for the Charlotte Ballet.

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This week, Festival Director Anne Morris welcomes photographer Zoe Litaker back to the show.

S2 E8: "There for the joy of moving"

This week, Festival Director Anne Morris talks with Caitlin Dutton-Reaver, a choreographer, teacher, administrator, and one of Dance Project’s Artists in Residence.

S2 E6: "You should start with the big toe"

This week, Festival Director Anne Morris talks with Duane Cyrus, founder and director of Theatre of Movement, and faculty in the UNC Greensboro Dance Department.