NOVEMBER 12, 2023

Welcome! Tonight, you are part of our FAMILY!

Collaborating Artists:

James Daniels, spoken word artist

Damien Mathis, visual arts

Seema Kudur Viswanath, classical Indian dance

Anna Williams, percussion

Collaboration Facilitator:

Bre Forbes

Presenting Partners:

Anne Morris, Dance Project/NC Dance Festival

Sunny Gravely Foushee, TAB Arts Center


TAB Arts Center, The Artist Bloc, Darlene McClinton, Victoria Wiley, The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, Dance Project staff, board, and volunteers

Creative Process

Concept: The Creative Collaboration Exchange is based on the idea of bringing artists working in different disciplines together to create a performance in a very short time-frame.

Timeline: Anne Morris and Sunny Gravely Foushee, along with facilitator Bre Forbes, began conversations about the focus of the collaboration during the summer 2023. Artists were selected and met each other during a 1 hour virtual meeting in August. 

Artists gathered for a short workshop in late October to begin generating ideas around the theme of “family” and “family traditions”. During this time, artists created a rough sketch of the performance. 

Today, November 12, the artists and facilitator worked over the course of the day to bring the performance together and rehearse. 

Brainstorming tools from artist workshop

Artist Bios

James Daniels

James Daniels is a poet, writer, educator, and music artist. He uses word and sound to craft experiences, stories, and characters that center the beauty of people—especially those in the healing process. Through creative peacemaking, restorative education, and authentic expression, he creates art and spaces that challenge others to love their authentic selves, establishing lasting peace and joy.  For more information and to keep up with James’ performances, workshops, and events, follow him on Instagram or Twitter @sol_lxve or visit

Damien Mathis

Damien Mathis earned a Bachelors in Studio Arts with a concentration in Painting and Modern Sculpting. He is a Marine Corp Combat veteran currently transitioning to Color therapy to help others with mental health His work includes various historic artists to show the correlation of creativity outside of the subconscious frame. His artwork is internationally purchased and exhibited from various collectives throughout the world. Some include the Harlem Fine Arts Collective, The Breakfast Club Detroit, and annual showings with the Auxiliary to the National Medical Association Conference Marketplace. His work is collected by many institutions and practices far and wide.


Seema Viswanath

Seema Viswanath is an Indian classical dancer/educator/choreographer from NC. She is the artistic director of ‘Nritya MayaNanda school of Arts’, NC. She is born and brought up in south India. She is a seasoned classical dancer who has been learning not one but two Indian classical dances, that is Bharatanatyam and Kathak. A touring artist, Seema has presented solo as well as collaborative works, have worked being a part of dance companies in India & USA. She has performed in many festivals and have conducted master workshops. Spirituality through dance being her motto, she finds dance a way of living.

Anna Williams

Anna Williams, AKA Drum Goddess, is a creative artist and female drummer. She began playing drums as a high schooler, at her church in Fayetteville, NC. She is a self-taught artist, with experience playing congos, bongos, and drum set. Since moving to Greensboro, Anna has played for numerous local artists and events, including as the house band drummer for The Artist Bloc. She started her own band, called the Aux Band, and has been the set drummer for the Poetry Cafe College Tour. Anna also works with kids, teaching music and drumming to give back and spread love through drumming.


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